Green Living

Take a moment and think about drought. Do you know millions of people travel miles and kilometers away to get water? Water is life, to keep themselves alive, they will do all they can to get this precious commodity. But what are you doing? Wasting water. It is time you come back to your senses and observe water saving tips. To learn more about water-saving read on.

Fix leaking sinks and toilets

leaking faucetThat drip from you sinks costs you more than you can imagine. It could result in wastage of about 70 water gallons. Calculate in yearly terms; you will have wasted a lot of water. Identifying a leaking sink is simple, you will hear or see the drip. But what happens, many people choose to ignore it. Fix the sink immediately you notice the drip. You can do it by yourself to use the help of a plumber.

Wash your car from the car wash

Many of us wash their cars from home on their off days. If you must do it, make sure that you have a sponge, a water bucket, and a hose with a nozzle. You can reduce the number of times you wash your car to once a month. To maximize water saving when washing your car, take it to the car wash because they use recycled water.

Use the toilet for the right purposes

Do not put trash in your toilet? Many toilets clog due to this. You will be needed to use a lot of water to push the trash down the pipes. Use light papers commonly known as tissue paper. They are easily flushed down the pipes.

Reduce your showers to five minutes

You will not get cleaner after a series of rinses. A single rinse will make you clean. Some people spend a lot of time in the shower trying to wake up. You can take a cup of coffee immediately you wake up to compensate the ten minutes spent in the bathroom.

Turn off the water when brushing your teeth except when rinsing off the brush

save water, save the wildMany of us are victims of this one. We let water flow as we floss and brush teeth. We only need the water to rinse the brush and teeth after we are done brushing. Make it a habit switching off the faucet as you brush your teeth. Let the character be practiced by everyone in the house.