Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Many people have never gone without electricity. In fact, to them, it is almost impossible staying without electricity. But at the rate at which people are misusing electricity, it will not take long before people stay in the dark. It is important for all of us to save electricity. This article will give some tips on how to save electricity. Read on.


Wear clothes that fit the current temperature. For example, you can wear layers of clothes during winter to keep you warm. This way, you will not need the heater.


Standby power usage

chargers, standby energy usageYou might not be aware of this, but your phone charger still consumes electricity if left on the socket even if it is not charging. Standby appliances accumulate up to about 10% of your energy total bills.

Close the curtains and the doors

If you want to keep your house cool or warm, closing the doors and curtains works best. You will get a warm house without consuming electricity.

Always keep your thermostat set

Did you know that heater makes about 30% of your monthly electricity bill? This means one thing, 20% degree set up translates to 10% more on your bill. Set your thermostat such that it’s 18-20 during winter and at 26 degrees over the summer.

All appliances should remain off

I mean the fans, heater, the cooling system, TV, and lights. Make it a habit of turning them all off when no one is in the room.

Cold water for washing

Using cold water for washing in winter saves a lot of electricity. By doing this, you will notice a huge drop in your electricity bill. Reduced electricity bill means reduced electricity usage.

The fridge

A good number of people keep the fridge/ freezers on 24/7. If your gadget is in good condition, it should remain cool for some time without the power on. Master your fridge timings, and you will not have to keep it on the whole day.

Insulate your roof

Insulating your roof keeps your house warm and reduces your electricity usage by a huge margin.


This is another area where huge amounts of power are used. You can thaw frozen food and use the microwave oven since it consumes less power. If you are using the stove, always place the lids on when cooking. This way, food gets cooked faster.

Use energy saving bulbs

energy saving bulbsReplacing your bulbs with energy saving bulbs saves you a lot of energy. If you have light indicators, remove them as they consume almost 20% of electricity. Avoid chargers with indicators as well.

Benefits of Replacing Your House Windows

Benefits of Replacing Your House Windows

New windows give a house a new look. There are other benefits associated with changing your house windows as well. You will be surprised how much you will end up saving from changing your windows. This article will discuss the benefits of replacing your home windows in detail. Read on.

Low maintenance

old windowOld windows will require you to work harder trying to make them attractive and in proper working conditions. Some of the must do maintenance include interior and exterior upkeep of the wood. You will be required to paint and stain the wood on a regular basis. New window models use frames which do not require painting or staining. The frames are made such that it becomes very easy to maneuver making the opening and closing process easy. Cleaning the windows from both sides will not be a hustle anymore with the modern frames.

Reduce noise

There is a huge difference in noise transmission between the new and older versions. If you live in or near a noisy street, you will note that the noise reduces after replacement. The amount of noise from your house to the outside will be reduced as well. If you love playing loud music, you will seize to be a bother to your neighbors.

Solar rays

A large number of new windows have a special coating which blocks the sun rays. The coating is invisible. It blocks UV rays from entering the house via the glass. Why is this important? Sun rays will no longer fade carpets and furniture in your house. In addition to that, a lot of heat will not pass through the glass into the house hence your house remains cool during summer.

Saves you money

With new windows, you will start to witness a reduction in electricity bills. It serves as a saving technique. It is a great deal reducing utility bills by about 25%. When the time comes to sell the house, you will be able to recover almost 90% of your initial investment.

Going green

Reducing the amount of energy usage in your house means you are environmentally friendly. Yes, you are using fewer resources, and this is all that environmental conservation is all about. You will not only be saving your money but helping everyone else in the universe.

Better appearance

modern window, Your house will get a new look both from inside and outside after window replacement. You can choose a style from the many available and give your house a whole new look.